7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp

Grocery Store Chain saves $100k, keeps Mod down

INSURED An independent grocery store that employees 500 people with annual revenues of $20 million. SITUATION The employer had a large open claim reserve of $140,000 as a result of a back injury to an employee. There was also a...

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CWCAs help Excavating Company dig up answers to reasons for high open reserves

INSURED The insured is a large trucking and excavating company with a fleet of 50 trucks, 90 employees and $10 million in annual revenues. SITUATION The company had large open claims that negatively impacted its Experience Mod. The current agent...

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Better HR helps manufacturer lower Mod

INSURED An ice cream manufacturer with 12 employees and revenues of $2.8 million. SITUATION The company had an Experience Mod of 1.9, which was more than three times what it should be. ASSESSMENT A team of CWCAs reviewed the business....

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Premium increase not set in stone as MOD adjustment returns $150,000 to concrete manufacturer

INSURED This free-cast prestressed concrete manufacturer and contractor has annual revenues of nearly $15 million and employs 60 people. SITUATION The company, which traditionally had an Experience Modification Factor in the .89 to .90 range, saw a rise to 1.2....

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School System Learns a Lesson in How to Reduce its MOD

INSURED A public school system with 150 employees. SITUATION The school system’s Experience Modification Factor escalated over the past five years, from as low as 0.97 to a high of 1.34, though it had experienced no significant workplace injuries during...

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Class audits & improved management cut care provider’s Mod 44%

9 years, 3 months ago ,

INSURED The business is a non-profit outpatient, long-term care provider with a $20 million payroll for 512 employees spread over nine locations. The company assists elderly clients so that they are able to remain at home by either picking them...

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