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There are a great many insurance designations. Most of them have a very similar model:

• Take the course/courses
• Learn great information from expert instructors
• Take the test/tests
• Earn the Designation

That’s where it ends. Perhaps there is some flavor of a continuing education requirement, but the designation is the finish line.

Here at the Institute, our job is only beginning when you earn the Certified WorkComp Advisor Designation.

Here is Kevin Ring, our Lead Workers’ Comp Analyst, with just some of the more than 1100 experience mod worksheets he has reviewed with Advisors over the past nine years.

Not only mod worksheets, Advisors have unlimited access to our team of experts for help with audits, employee injury problems, and more. We become your Workers’ Comp Help Desk.™

MISSION: The Institute trains, certifies, and mentors Independent Agents in a process that helps them write more business and gets better results for their clients.

7 Secrets that Cost
Your Client a Bundle on
their Workers' Comp

    Getting and Keeping Clients

    The days of sounding alike, doing alike are over. The Institute is all about changing the conversation to help you:

    • Write more business
    • Get better results for your clients
    • Help you turn your promises into performance so you keep those clients for life

    As the Uncommon Training Company,™ the Institute works with you, turning your intellectual capital into financial capital. Learn it, Sell it, add new clients.


    Do you feel out-of-control when it comes to dealing with your Worker’s Compensation?
    Do you believe that the insurance company just sets a rate & you have no choice but to pay it?

    Discover just how you
    can take control of your WorkComp Insurance.

    Check out Locked and Loaded, our training program for employers.


    Institute membership is designed to help you get the most out of your agency.

    Enrolling in the CWCA allows you and your staff to earn the Certified WorkComp Advisor designation (Live or On-Demand) and Certified WorkComp Specialist designations. But that’s just the beginning! After earning your designation, you’ll have unlimited access to our team of experts as they help you untangle your toughest workers’ comp problems.

    This is a program designed to help you grow—not just so you can pass a test, but so you can take what you learn to grow your agency and get better results for your clients.

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    Live CWCA in Chicago, IL

    Mar 25 - 26, 2024 Live CWCA Chicago, IL (830-5 / 8-3 CT)

    Virtual CWCA

    Apr 30 - May 2 2024 Virtual CWCA (1030-245 ET Each Day)

    Virtual CWCA

    July 30 - Aug 1, 2024 Virtual CWCA (1030-245 ET Each Day)

    In-Person CWCA, Asheville NC

    Sept 23 - 24, 2024 In-person CWCA Institute, Asheville NC

    Virtual CWCA

    Oct 15 - 17, 2024 Virtual CWCA (1030-245 ET Each Day)