7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp

Kerin Testimonial

4 years, 7 months ago


“you and I have been working together on a scheduled basis for the past 15 months. I wanted to share my thoughts about our relationship.

You’ve challenged me; taken me out of my comfort zone to reach higher plateaus of production; and guided me on decisions that were spot on, such as using an outside new development caller to work our hottest leads…current clients.

Your ideas about generating new business are outside the mainstream of insurance 101, and probably even grad courses of sales, but make intuitive in a practical sense…and work. You’ve even addressed our agency’s internal operations with sage advice.

Most of all you’ve helped turn the technical WorkComp knowledge you teach into income streams through help with marketing, seminars/webinars and brainstorming to develop what works best for us at Millennium.

As I mentioned this morning: In 20 minutes you’ve given me a handful of great knowledge and how to put it into immediate action.

Simply said: you keep me and us on track. Thanks for all you do.

Jim Kerin
Managing Partner
Millennium Alliance Agency


PS: You have helped us change our sales presentations and coverage reviews to easy to understand plain language, rather than the analytic techno-babble most agents use. This allows potential clients to discover they truly need our help and should hire us…and they do!