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Producer training leading to the nationally recognized CWCA designation. Instruction offered online or at in-person Institutes.

No individual costs. Institute membership is an agency monthly cost.This includes all producers (up to 10) Let’s talk when you have 11 or more producers. When you choose to attend an in-person Institute, there is an additional $350 per registrant meeting fee.

When you register, you have access to 12 skid-greasing sessions, Workers’ Comp knowledge and skill that will make each of your face-to-face appointments that much easier to close.

Fast payback on your investment. No waiting. Register today and tomorrow use what you’ve learned to slam the door shut on your competition–instead of getting shut out.

You’re never left out in the cold. CWCA’s have questions.We’re always available to chat one-on-one. Along with the materials you receive online, you’ll receive a 200+ page manual with a download of all the manual material in editable format and a 90 day trial of ModIMPACT™, the Institute’s experience mod analysis software.

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Training your backroom to support the WorkComp process in experience mods, audits, injury management. Thus CWCS Online training is targeted for Account Managers. Upon taking all sessions and passing the final exam, your team members will earn the Certified WorkComp Specialist designation. No individual cost, regardless the number of team members. Agencies that are most successful implementing the IWCP process train everyone who is involved in workers’ comp.

In order to qualify for the CWCS designation, there must be at least one CWCA in your agency and your agency must be a member in good standing with the Institute.

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Offered in-person only. We limit the size of this 2-day course for interaction, group study, and case studies. Dig deeper into the WorkComp process and how to present to potential clients. Upon completion of the course and passing the twelve-question essay exam, attendees will earn the MWCA designation. You’ll mine more nuggets in workers’ comp and the IWCP process.

At this in-person only graduate course you will interact with only 7 other CWCAs. The Master’s course is offered in person only because it is filled with case studies and solving problems experienced by employers which deepens your WorkComp knowledge and makes it sticky to recall when a similar incident occurs. Group discussion also centers around attendees’ experiences in knocking out the incumbent using the Institute copyrighted process.

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