7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp

Framing Contractor Receives $38,890 Refund on Audit Misclassification

Residential Framing Contractor paying $112k/year in workers compensation premium.
Insured had received an $80,612 bill from their insurance carrier due to a prior year audit and a mid-year experience mod change. Insured was stressed and felt like they had nowhere to turn because their broker at the time was not providing them with any help or advice.
Insured contacted Master WorkComp Advisor who performed a full audit review. After analyzing the audit it was found that one of their employees was classified under their most expensive code (Carpentry) when upon discussions with the insured the employees duties more appropriately reflected those of an outside salesperson.
Master WorkComp Advisor worked in coordination with insured and carrier to dispute the audit and re-classify the employee. RESULT Carrier updated the results of the audit which generated a reduction in audit premium of $38,890.
Insured sent a gift basket with custom made beer glasses, openers, etc and left a note with the following message: “You could have left me to the wolves and no one would have blamed you. Thanks for having our back. Enjoy!”