7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp

Certified WorkComp Advisor


Kevin, I’m mad at myself that after 33 years in the insurance business I’ve never put the process together with the way the Institute has. Now that I’m a CWCA, I see workers’ comp in a whole new light.

– Anthony Charles

SCS Insurance
Great Neck, NY

Institute Agenda

Producer training leading to the nationally recognized Certified WorkComp Advisor designation. Instruction is offered currently online via our On-Demand virtual training course or as a live interactive Institute.

The course is engaging, interactive, and hands-on. These sessions are led by veteran Workers’ Comp experts and practitioners. It’s Workers’ Compensation training that gives you the real-world tools and information you need to jump-start your career.

Our CWCA live virtual training sessions run from 8:15 AM-12:30 PM online in three installments throughout the week. Check our events section to find out more.

No matter how you take the course, the Institute is built on Conquering Zero™, IWCP’s trademarked process to guide employers to their lowest possible workers’ comp costs.


The Experience Mod
  • The resources you need to Conquer Zero
  • The Mod is comparison tool
  • Understanding the Lowest Possible Mod and building a specific plan to reach it
  • The importance of the Controllable Mod
  • What policies are included on the Mod?
  • What expenses are excluded from the calculation?
  • The Experience Rating Adjustment Plan
  • What steps to take when you discover Mod error
  • The most important date of the workers’ comp year
  • Should you take advantage of a deductible?
  • The complexities of multi – state employees
  • Validating the Experience Mod
  • What happens if you Cancel and Rewrite a policy mid-term?


Managing Employee Injuries
  • A new way to look at safety
  • Avoid hiring a workers’ comp claim waiting to happen
  • How to train employees to prevent workers’ comp problems
  • When does indemnity start?
  • Locating and partnering with skilled Medical Providers
  • Understanding the value of Recovery at Work
  • Building an effective Recovery at Work program with your clients
  • Safety committees and your role in them
  • Should an employer pay small claims out of pocket?
  • Fraud: What it is, what it isn’t and how to prevent it
  • The critical importance of immediate accident reporting
  • Effectively managing your toughest to manage risks
  • Preventing attorneys from getting into your clients’ wallets


The Premium Audit
  • The importance of classifications
  • Challenges the premium auditor faces
  • Understanding the rules of the premium audit
  • What the auditor can and cannot do
  • Consistently verifying your client is classified correctly
  • Excluded/included remuneration
  • Dealing with your clients’ sub-contractors
  • The complexities of staffing and construction risks
  • Audit flow charts and checklists
  • Being ready for auditors’ visit


Where workers’ Comp and Employee Benefits Collide
  • The 3 buckets into which employers fill with their insurance dollars
  • Group health and excluded officers
  • The dangers when employees are out of work due to an occupational injury
  • The Bermuda Triangle of compliance


Attendees will…
  • Give employers what they have been missing from every other insurance agent!
  • Be able to show employers how they are losing thousands and thousands of premium dollars each and every year due to mistakes and errors and give them a path to drive down their costs.
  • Unravel the mysteries of the Experience Modification Factor and show employers how “Bidding and Quoting” Workers’ Compensation fails to drive down costs.
  • Establish an injury management process that builds lasting relationships and reduce long-term costs to employers.
  • Help Implement processes that reduce lost workdays due to injury by 60% to 80%.
  • Create an endless stream of referrals because of your work.
  • Leverage your new arsenal of tools for making more successful sales.
  • Help employers develop a healthy, productive workforce.

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