7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp

Here’s what workers are saying about the workers comp system on social media

Kevin Ring 5 months, 15 days ago

Social media sites are increasingly used by the public as a source of information for medical issues, legal advice, and employer concerns and work comp is no exception. Redditt is a popular platform that workers turn to for work comp guidance.

Cureus, a web-based peer-reviewed open-access general medical journal, recently published, Online Perspectives of Workers Navigating Workers’ Compensation Systems: A Content Analysis of the Reddit Social Media Platform

The findings can help address the information and education needs of workers who are navigation the work comp systems.

Medical was the most common primary theme (27 percent) with questions and comments related to provider complaints, medical care access, referral denials, maximum medical improvement, and independent medical examinations being the most frequent within this category. Closely following were legal concerns, with questions and comments related to lawyer retainment and settlements being the most frequent. Less frequently mentioned were concerns about the claim process, communication with adjusters, and claim denial. Employers were mentioned in 14 percent of the posts with questions and comments related to employer retaliation, job security, and work restrictions being the most frequent.

Slightly more than one-third of the posts expressed a clear emotional tone, with frustration, fear, and confusion being the most frequent. These emotions often lead to involvement of an attorney, delayed recovery, and increased costs.

The authors note that the research highlights the need for more accessible, effective, and tailored educational resources to help workers understand and navigate the workers comp claims process. They do caution that the Reddit population may not be representative of all injured workers. Demographic reports indicate that Reddit users tend to be younger, predominantly male, and have higher educational attainment than the general workforce.