7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp


Christina hit pay dirt with the Institute

“You have no idea how grateful I am to have found the Institute. I belong to a number of groups, but no one helps and inspires me like you do.

“I know I stumbled into a gold mine. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Christina Cheung, CWCA


ISU Insurance Services – Cheung & Associates

San Jose, CA

Blow Away the Competition. Join the CWCA community.

CWCAMost employers don’t think there’s much they can do about Workers’ Comp, an attitude shared by many agents. That’s why an agent who discovers overcharges and recovers premium gets noticed and writes new business. By consistently reducing employers’ Workers’ Compensation costs over a period of time, Certified WorkComp Advisors (CWCA) form long-term consultative relationships with clients, effectively eliminating the shopping and quoting game.

The CWCA designation works for you because it resonates with prospects and clients. They recognize you as an expert who can do something for them by identifying and solving Workers’ Comp problems. Unlike any other designation, it’s a door-opener. It’s the gold standard for competence and integrity in Workers’ Comp. The CWCA puts you out in front and builds careers by leaps and bounds.

Thanks to the Institute of WorkComp Professionals’ (IWCP) trademarked unique workers’ compensation training you’ll know the entire Workers’ Comp system so you consistently work to improve your client’s bottom line. You’ll excel in analyzing Workers’ Comp accounts, identifying errors and overcharges, and developing strategies that help employers reduce their experience modification and overall Workers’ Comp costs permanently.

CWCA’s report that the designation transforms the way you make sales, opens more doors than you ever thought possible and guarantees lasting relationships. It’s the Workers’ Compensation Designation with big returns.


I wanted to let you know that we picked up a major mechanical contractor, whose renewal premiums through the incumbent agent would have exceeded $1,100,000! Based on our analysis, and their enthusiastic response to our “conceptual” proposal, we determined that they were an excellent candidate for “self funding” their Workers’ Compensation exposure, which served to reduce their renewal premiums to less than half those being quoted by the incumbent agent! Using the tips and strategies we learned at the Institute, especially those related to:

  • the critical importance of “return to work”
  • a detailed strategy for a “return to work” coordinator
  • the value of detailed job descriptions, which include specific physical requirements, for each type of work their employees perform
  • “pre-employment” physicals and “post-injury” treatment by the same “occupational medicine” doctors (based on the job description’s physical requirements)
  • a huge dose of “accountability”, including the ability to earn (or fail to earn) some very lucrative bonuses for safe results, throughout their project managers and superintendents along with numerous other concepts we learned, tools we found on the web-site and continual support from you, Kevin and your staff, have made a huge difference for our fine, new client (and for us as well)!

Thanks for the training, but most of all for being there when we needed help, regardless of whether it was technical, marketing, sales, or just being a good “sounding board” to “think through” ideas. You all made the difference, and we are excited about leveraging all of these “tools” to write even more large accounts in 2013!

Thanks again,

Gary Liles – CIC, CRM, CWCA

Webb, Young, Webb, Liles & Tolentino

Benefits of joining the Community

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  • Explode your potential
  • Learn how Workers’ Comp really works (hint: it’s not just going to market)
  • Build credibility and value with clients and prospects (too many of your clients see you as a commodity)
  • Get more sales by leading with Workers’ Comp (You’ll learn the powerful secret why you should only lead with Comp – it is such a blinding glimpse of the obvious, once you know)
  • Outdistance ALL the competition (you can stop talking about how you deliver great service and start showing the real money results of that work)
  • Open doors by identifying errors and overcharges and recovering spent money
  • Gain recognition and respect as a Workers’ Comp expert
  • Be part of a vibrant community of WorkComp experts. Over 950 CWCAs from more than 200 agencies.
  • Create your Intelligent Distinction as the Go-To Workers’ Comp agency


We thank you so much for your and Kevin’s assistance last week. Finding the rule on reporting denied claims has allowed us to drop our customer’s mod 15%. This decrease saves $15,000 in premium; as well as their ability to compete for contracts.

Jennifer Drake, CWCA, MWCA
Mountain State Insurance Agency, WV

Powerful tools and resources

Getting your Designation is just the beginning. As a member of the Community you have access to the Institute’s powerful resources:

  • Password protected website for CWCAs
  • Marketing and sales material you can use to attract business
    • Ready to go scripts and PowerPoints to use with prospects
    • Archived teleclasses and webinars
  • Deep discounts on WorkComp software for Experience Mods and Claims management
  • Injury management manuals, forms and checklists
  • Online member-only forum for authoritative support, and interaction, and training
  • Advisor Insights teleconferences to hear the secrets of how others are maximizing their income
  • Teleclasses that keep you up-to-date on ever changing Workers’ Comp issues and hot topics
  • IWCP nationally-placed articles in trade pubs to promote the value of CWCAs
  • Annual Symposium featuring innovative approaches, new techniques, Advisor successes and networking opportunities
  • Solid answers to your questions. The IWCP team of experts is always available to help.

“Can I say it enough, Pres. Your process RULES!”

Matthew J. Broderson, CWCC

Team CompTrol

Kraus – Anderson Insurance


Find out more

Want to know more about the Certification Workshop, contact Kevin Ring or call 828.274.0959 or fill out the online qualification form.

IWCP made Andrew Atkinson a successful producer

“For a new producer like me (and a more experienced producer, too), the two days at the Institute are an amazing, practical learning experience. It doesn’t stop there! Kevin and Teresa quickly jump on my requests for help when I need it.

The monthly tele classes keep me fresh…if I can’t listen in, I grab it online.

My production validates what I learned. I had worked on a few accounts before I attended the Institute. I slammed the door on the competition just after I got home.

I mentioned I’m a new producer. I started insurance in November 2007. Since attending the Institute I’ve produced a little over $2.7M in premium.

It’s simple. Attend the Institute. Learn the system. Work the system. Results: Your clients smile. You go to the bank.”

Andrew Atkinson, CWCA

Minard Ames Insurance Group, Phoenix, AZ


Once you qualify as a Certified WorkComp Advisor, you can display the authorized seal on your business card, stationery, ads, and website, as well as in your agency.

Becoming Certified

As a licensed insurance agent, you must be trained in the Institute’s Process, take the certification exam and refresh your designation at least every three years to become a Certified WorkComp Advisor.

The first step is to complete the online qualification application or call Kevin Ring at 828-274-0959.

Don’t wait. Eligibility is based on an available, protected territory. So be there first!

Within two days, you will be contacted. If you qualify, make plans to attend the two-day workshop or complete the course online at your own pace.

A list of upcoming workshops is on the left side of this page. In addition to the live events, both the CWCA and CWCS designations are available as on-demand online courses.

Within days of attending the Institute, you will receive a password for a website that allows you to take the Certification Exam.

After taking and passing the exam, you can use the CWCA Designation. Your designation certificate is mailed within 30 days.

The first step to getting Certified is to complete the online qualification application or call Kevin Ring at 828-274-0959.