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ControlIn Linkedin

4 years, 1 month ago

Your Guide to…
ControlIn LinkedIn

Isn’t it time… in fact, isn’t now the perfect time…

To Take Control of Your LinkedIn Prospecting?

The ControlIn LinkedIn Free Online Workshop Series will help you, the frustrated producer, take back control of YOUR prospecting process and LinkedIn positioning.

Right now, in the midst of all the uncertainty, you probably feel frustrated about prospecting for new clients… and how to effectively and efficiently use LinkedIn.

Frustrated because you just don’t know how to “control” LinkedIn.

You can get rid of this feeling. YOU can control your prospecting process.

Week 1: Foundation
  • Introduction/Adapting to The Change/ Why Now Upgrading Your LinkedIn Profile and Activity Is a Must
  • Mission-Vision-Goals
  • Target Market

Week 2: Build
  • Unique Producer Value Message
  • Client-Based Story
  • Owning a Platform – Platform Options

Week 3: Linkedin Profile
  • Essential Profile Elements
  • How The Elements Fit the Client’s Buying Journey
  • Optimizing and Putting the Profile Elements Together

Week 4: Building Your Network
  • Connections Strategy
  • Using Search to Find Perfect Fit Connections

Week 5: Consistent Action Builds Trust, Credibility, and Creates Opportunity
  • Content
  • Commenting
  • Connections
  • Messaging