7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp

Matthew Broderson Minnesota

7 years, 3 months ago

Check this out.
Just landed one of the largest mechanical contractors in the state of Minnesota. Took two years of working through the corporate chain of command but finally got to the DMs. Three presentations, one lunch with the CFO last week, and they finally hired me.

Why? $240,000 (sprained ankle and strained back) in reserves on claims that total less then $35,000 actual incurred from spring of 2004. Ran the mod calc…with no promises, but illustrated mod change if we could change/close current open claims. CFO was furious current agent had not yet addressed the issue within their historical data. And get this…it’s one of the top (Assurex Global) agencies in the state.

Reap huge fees on loss sensitive fee programs? H___ yes! In fact…the fee on the mod adjustment for 2006 and 2007 should be in the area of $60,000. What makes it even better. A guaranteed AOR for next year’s renewal for all lines. Account revenue? $95,000.

Can I say it enough. Your process RULES!