7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp

Jim Kerin Millennium Alliance

7 years, 2 months ago

I’ve attended one Certified WorkComp Advisor Institute and 2 Master WorkComp Advisor Institutes.

I can truly say that the Institute has turned Workers Comp upside down in so many ways.

I now know the right rules to use at the right time to get the order.

I can now take the technical steps of our copyrighted process, translate them to everyday language, and draw mind pictures in buyer’s minds that jumps me ahead my competitors.

I also have multiple point of sale materials to use to buy a piece of my potential client’s minds. This includes proprietary copyright tools with visuals that etch Compology into employers minds.

This is my sales difference. Since 2008, the Institute training has been worth more than $1,200,000 new revenue to me personally, plus recovering more than $2,000,000 premium for employers.

Each time I attend, and I will continue to attend, I walk out the door with a deeper understanding of this complex coverage and more understanding how to translate the gobbledegook into “plainspeak” to get the account.

The Institute has cracked the code on Workers’ Comp education. You just don’t present a seminar and then say “thanks for coming”

You provide easy to understand high-level education, offer continuous training plus technical and sales help…and all at a minute’s notice, when I need it.

Bottom line: I’ve discovered, recovered and returned over $2,000,000 of Work Comp overcharges. Your training has led employers and me straight to the bank.