7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp

Gary Liles – CIC, CRM, CWCA Webb, Young, Webb, Liles & Tolentino

7 years, 27 days ago

I wanted to let you know that we picked up a major mechanical contractor, whose renewal premiums through the incumbent agent would have exceeded $1,100,000! Based on our analysis, and their enthusiastic response to our “conceptual” proposal, we determined that they were an excellent candidate for “self funding” their Workers’ Compensation exposure, which served to reduce their renewal premiums to less than half those being quoted by the incumbent agent! Using the tips and strategies we learned at the Institute, especially those related to:

* the critical importance of “return to work”
* a detailed strategy for a “return to work” coordinator
* the value of detailed job descriptions, which include specific physical requirements, for each type of work their employees perform
* “pre-employment” physicals and “post-injury” treatment by the same “occupational medicine” doctors (based on the job description’s physical requirements)
* a huge dose of “accountability”, including the ability to earn (or fail to earn) some very lucrative bonuses for safe results, throughout their project managers and superintendents

along with numerous other concepts we learned, tools we found on the web-site and continual support from you, Kevin and your staff, have made a huge difference for our fine, new client (and for us as well)!

Thanks for the training, but most of all for being there when we needed help, regardless of whether it was technical, marketing, sales, or just being a good “sounding board” to “think through” ideas. You all made the difference, and we are excited about leveraging all of these “tools” to write even more large accounts in 2013!