7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp


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Preston Diamond, CWCA, MWCA, CBWA

Managing Director,
Co-Founder, IWCP
Co-founder, IBWA

Email : preston@iwcpro.com
Contact For : Client attraction, acquisition and retention, implementing the IWCP process, fee and BOR training, solutions to complicated problems, agency process for injury management, recover-at-work

With over 60 years of experience in insurance, Pres has seen it all. He began as a producer, worked his way up to agency owner (he still maintains an ownership interest in a niche book in California) before being asked by legendary great, Gary Holgate to join his consulting firm. Pres has been helping agents succeed ever since. He’s consulted in over 450 agencies nationwide, sharing his expertise in systems and procedures; client acquisition and retention.

In addition, Pres developed the ISU franchise Agency’s Personal Lines Systems; built the Society of CPIA’s Sales Success School, and is one of two insurance certified Face-to-Face sales instructors. He created the 6th Sense Proposal System for insurance professionals, and Client Care system for creating clients for life. Pres is a founding director of the Institute of WorkComp Professionals and co-founder of the Institute of Benefits and Wellness Advisors. He has authored articles that have appeared in many trade publications; presented at CIC Ruble seminars, as well as for many state and national associations and other insurance groups.

Kevin Ring, CWCA, MWCA, CBWA

Lead Workers’ Compensation Analyst

Email : kevin@iwcpro.com
Contact For : Mods, Audits, Classifications, ModIMPACT, ClaimsIMPACT

Kevin joined the Institute in 2003 after a stint managing systems for a mid-sized manufacturing company.
A licensed P&C agent, Kevin has an affinity for making the technical simple, whether it be insurance or computers. He is skilled at executing the Institute process. He is especially adept at unraveling ex-mods and audits and classification clarifications.

Kevin’s plain speak approach is the key whether he is presenting at an Institute, giving workshops for employers, presenting workers’ comp to employers or presenting teleclasses for Advisors. His technical workers’ comp skills have helped Advisors through sticky situations (including analyzing a 68 page mod sheet) and he’s constantly working with Advisors to deepen their knowledge of the Institute process.

Kevin has analyzed more than 650 experience mod worksheets, finding and fixing errors for CWCA’s and their clients. Because of his experience working with Advisors and analyzing mods, he designed and directed the development of ModIMPACT, IWCP’s mod analysis tool which helps you better understand the mod, how it impacts premium costs and how to control it. It is a quick, simple and powerful way to analyze a mod and communicate the results.

Teresa Long, CWCA

Director of Injury Management

Email : teresa@iwcpro.com
Contact For : Claims review, analysis, benchmarking, establishing adjustor and clinic relationships, ClaimsImpact, Large deductible and self-insureds

Resolving injuries is Teresa’s passion. Resolving problems like the story in the email below puts huge smiles on employer’s faces.

“Good news, no GREAT news!!!   I just got a call from the adjuster at XXXXXXX and she told me the Contribution is all about getting 50% of the total medical paid back from the insurance company.  This happened at a hearing and they have 14 days to pay up.  She said they did not settle the claim with injured worker and his physician gave him a two percent rating which is the same rating he previously received so there were no benefits due.

She said at first injured employee did not understand this but when she further explained had the physician gave him even a three percent rating, he would have only received the difference of one percent but as it was the same as before (two percent) there were no benefits due.  I like this law!!!

So, next, I asked her why there was such a huge unresolved amount. She didn’t know. She agreed to reduce it to a big ZERO right then.  This means the $63,207 is now a zero and the Total Incurred just went from $89,764 to $26,557 and within the next 10 days will further be reduced to a Total Incurred of only $13,278.50!!!  and the claim will be closed as soon as she gets in the final defense attorney bill (paid as expense and not included in the mod) which will be for sure within the next 30 days.

Bottom line – by (no later) than the end of this month, this claim will have gone from $89,764 to $13,279 a reduction of $76,485!   YEAH!!!!!  AND – all your claims will now be CLOSED!!!

I just love to send emails like this.  I’ll wrap up the month end reports with this new information and be sending them out in a few minutes.”

A bit extra about Teresa

Walt Disney World and more

This is what Teresa does. Works with your clients and the injuries their employees suffer. She’s been at it for 35 years, 14 years at Walt Disney World, 7 as Director of Injury Management.

Her career also includes stints as Vice President of Risk Management for Unisource Administrators, Inc., managing general agent and third party administrator. Teresa’s responsibility included client services for all professional employee organizations, large deductible and self-insured clients, as well as product development.

She served as vice president of Sarasota International Risk & Insurance Services (SIRIS, a third – party claim administrator for self-insured and large deductible clients), a subsidiary of RISCORP, a Florida domiciled insurance company.

Through the level of services provided by Teresa and her team, they maintained a 95% retention level because they focused on taking care of their clients and getting the best results possible on their claims.  Whether they were on a guaranteed cost, retro, large deductible or self-insured plan, they were constantly reducing experience mods through the teams’ efforts.

Teresa was a founding member of the Association of Workers’ Compensations Claims Professionals, (WCCP) served as a Board Member and 20-year speaker for the Florida Workers’ Compensation Institute.

Teresa currently works with about 30 insurance carriers and their WC claims adjusters from California to Texas to Missouri, Michigan, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina and Florida to find ways to keep the focus on her client’s WC claims and keep the claim moving through the system to a timely closure.  After all, the best claim is a closed claim.

“I know there are ways to help the employers with their workers’ compensation problems.  I’ve been on both sides of the fence and have true empathy for what they have to deal with.  I’m passionate about getting results and solving problems.  It really makes my day when I can assist in getting an expensive claim resolved quickly, at a much lower cost and closed out.  I celebrate closing claims!”

When not problem-solving workers’ compensation claim issues, you might find Teresa relaxing in a beach chair with her toes in the sand taking in the salt air at some of the beautiful beaches Florida has to offer.  She also enjoys photographing some of the beautiful scenery across the U.S. and working with different types of mosaic projects.

Teresa has been known to enjoy fixing things up around the home and she’s not afraid of getting her hands a little dirty.

Karla Diamond

Director of Operations

Email : karla@iwcpro.com

The common sense and control person, Karla sees through the clutter to the meat. She provides the litmus test for what is offered, organizes the flow, arranges the Graduate Symposium, and provides clear “outside of the forest” thinking.

Need some of the Institute’s Point-of-Sale marketing pieces? Send Karla a high-resolution copy of your logo and contact information and she’ll personalize the pieces you chose. Don’t see what you like, let Karla or Joe know and we’ll work with you to create just what you need.

Karla has owned a travel agency and excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage that administered contractor, high-value dwelling, and earthquake insurance programs in California. She sold the travel agency and wholesale brokerage before moving to North Carolina in 1997.

Karla has the innate skill to separate theory from reality.


Diamond Ring
Director of Conference Services
CWCS Administrator

Email : amanda@iwcpro.com
Contact For : Meeting location questions and recommendations, special accommodation requests, questions about registration and billing; CWCS program.

Amanda joined the Institute in May 2004 and immediately started streamlining internal processes, plans and implementation. She travels far and wide (via Internet and site inspections) to discover comfortable and convenient locations for Institutes and Symposiums. Then she negotiates, negotiates, and negotiates.

Amanda is lobbying for an International Institute since she graduated with a BA in Italian Studies from Sweet Briar College. While attending Sweet Briar, she worked at the college early learning center and upon graduating promptly went to work in her first love, early childhood education. She subsequently received her Masters in Education and was a founding board member of Maccabi Academy in Asheville.

When not working to make sure that Advisors have roofs over their heads while attending an Institute, Amanda spends her time with her two kids, Asher and Karleigh.


Email : rescue@iwcpro.com
Contact For : Director of Investigation and Recovery

Rescue, the Institute mascot, helps you alert business owners to the hidden costs by sniffing out overcharges and mistakes in the Workers’ Comp System.

Once you discover the exact hidden costs and overcharges, and confirm a mistake-free program, Rescue stands guard to prevent future Workers’ Comp problems (with your diligence and advice, of course) and helps you manage the program to the lowest possible cost.