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November 2009
Better HR helps manufacturer Lower MOD

October 2009
Wholesaler gets down to nuts & bolts with a Return-To-Work program

September 2009
CWCAs help Excavating Company dig up answers to reasons for high open reserves

August 2009
Workers' Comp education puts trucking co. on the road to Lower MOD and lower premiums

uly 2009
Nursing Home conglomerate saves $350,000

June 2009

Comprehensive Workers' Comp program lowers premium by 44%

ay 2009
Grocery Store Chain saves $100k, keeps MOD down

pril 2009
Glass manufacturer avoids loss through Return-To-Work program

arch 2009
CWCAs find reserve error and help bank control Mod

ebruary 2009
Large Scaffolding Company Embraces Change

anuary 2009
Real estate client saves $176,000 and lowers Experience Mod

ecember 2008
General contractor enjoys a Workers' Comp drop of $245,302 in just four years

ovember 2008
CWCA investigation brings client's Mod to an all-time low

ctober 2008
Metal Fabricator Saves $40,000

eptember 2008
CWCAs unbundled costs and save contractor $25,000

ugust 2008
Demolition company knocks down $36,000 on its annual premium

uly 2008
Audit review leads to client savings of $18,940

June 2008
Office Furniture Co. Sees Mod Drop 22%

ay 2008
A careful audit helps save oil company $2,000

April 2008

Experience Mod Audit Lowers Mod 17 Points & Returns $33,150 to Grading Contractor

arch 2008
Implementation of comprehensive Workers’ Comp program helps bus company drive down premiums

February 2008

Real Estate Developer Builds on $100,000 Savings and Lower Experience Mod

anuary 2008
Landscape Contractor Sprouts a $104,000 Refund

December 2007

Incorrect audits drive up rates for printing company

November 2007

Injury management program reduces annual losses from $163,675 to $6,074 for machine maintenance company

October 2007

Implementation of comprehensive Workers' Comp program saves manufacturing company $3,000 on one claim

September 2007

Private School Learns a Lesson by Seeing Mod Drop 95 Points

August 2007

Combining Hotels Saves Owner $823,000 and Lowers Experience Mod

July 2007
Consolidation of multi-state payrolls saves company $283,000 and lowers Experience Mod

June 2007
Implementation of comprehensive Workers' Compensation program saves Modular Home Manufacturer $5,000 and lowers Experience Mod

May 2007
Implementation of zero lost time program lowers mod & returns
$177, 840 To plumbing contractor

April 2007
Electronics manufacturer saves $85,500 in 3 years

March 2007
General Contractor's Workers' Comp drops $101,207 in just two years

February 2007
Supervisor training cuts claim frequency and cost

January 2007
On-the-Ball injury management lowers reserves and saves $$$

December 2006
Correct medical diagnosis keeps employer from feeling the pain of a mod increase

November 2006
Actual case of a worker who left alternative duty without notice: What should the employer do?

October 2006
Supervisor training helps change injury pattern

September 2006
Smelting Plant Saves $126K, Sees Mod Drop 30%

August 2006
Implementation of comprehensive Workers' Comp program saves auto dealer $2 million in first year

July 2006
Employee injury notification program cuts mod, saves $135K

June 2006
Review of audit finds mistakes: Incorrect change in classification nets $41K

May 2006
The Case of the Disappearing Claims

April 2006
Wausau Glass Company Discovers Value of CWCA

March 2006
Comprehensive WorkComp Program Cuts Claims Costs

February 2006
Correction of transposition error leads to seven point drop in mod

January 2006
Class Audits & Improved Management Cut Care Provider's Mod 44%

November 2005
Review of Experience Mod saves over $25,000

October 2005
Conditional offers of employment and pre-employment physicals reduce WorkComp costs

August 2005
Back-on-the-job programs bring big returns to employers

June 2005
Local pro teams hit home run by saving $82,657 through agent

June 2005
Trucking Company On The Right Road by Saving $20,000 in Total Premium