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Ten Commandments for Managing an OSHA visit

1. I need to know my legal rights and be ready.

2. I’ll appoint and train one person or a team to handle government investigations.

3. Before I permit access, I’ll check inspector’s credentials.

4. Before inspection begins, I’ll be clear why the inspector is visiting. If not clear, I’ll dig deeper until I’m satisfied why the inspector is visiting.

5. I’ll be totally professional, no hostile behavior.

6. I’ll never, ever permit an inspector to go through my facility unaccompanied. I’ll have at least two company employees to accompany the inspector, one to take notes and the other to listen.

7. I’ll video the inspection. If I can’t video, I’ll audiotape and take the same measurements and photographs inspector takes. I’ll keep thorough and complete notes.

8. Like an IRS audit, I’ll not volunteer anything. I’ll only answer what is asked and give only requested documents.

9. I won’t give inspector documents the law says I don’t have to unless I’m convinced the reasons are valid.

10. At the closing conference, I’ll obtain information, but offer no additional information.