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Google’s strategy for building a stellar workforce

According to an article by Desda Moss, Managing Editor of HR Magazine, “How Google Searches for Success,” the company has such an appealing employer brand that it receives more than 7,000 applications a day. She notes that Laszio Bock, Vice President of People Operations at Google, offers the following advice on building a stellar workforce:
• Hire learners. People who are curious and inquisitive keep working on problems until they are solved.

• Trust them. “Give them freedom, information and tools to do their job.”

Small projects, small teams. Four to six people are ideal, larger groups change the dynamic. When there is a large problem, carve it into small pieces.

Create a flat structure. Information needs to flow up as well as down and having fewer layers makes that easier.

Discuss everything in public. “It’s always better.”

Be meritocratic. At Google, employees’ objectives and results are evaluated quarterly and calibration is used to make sure the ratings mean the same across the organization. Pay is for performance.

Reward success, but don’t penalize failure. Risk taking is necessary to stay on top.