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Checklist for partnering with right medical provider

Building relationships with the right medical provider can control the medical care aspects of a Workers’ Compensation claim, help the injured employee make a speedier recovery and return to work sooner.

Here is a checklist to help you:
checkmark Has the provider visited your firm to know and understand your culture?
checkmark What are the provider’s hours?
checkmark Is the provider facility clean?
checkmark Do you know the owners of the provider?
checkmark Does the provider have a TV set so that visiting injured employees “enjoy” attorney ads, which can be detrimental to your financial health?
checkmark Is the provider equipped to perform MRIs, blood work, X-rays, orthopedics, licensed physical therapist?
checkmark If not, what is the waiting time on referrals?
checkmark Is the provider schooled in Return-to-Work Programs?
checkmark Does the provider know the state basic Workers’ Compensation rules?
checkmark Is there shared ownership in labs or other providers?
checkmark How long is the wait for an MRI or X-ray if not done at the primary treating provider?
checkmark Is the pharmacy in-house?
checkmark Will you receive pre-employment physicals? What is the cost?
checkmark Have you asked for references in comparable type businesses as yours?
checkmark Do you know the specialty and experience of each doctor at the provider?
checkmark Is the provider staff, including medical staff, bilingual?
checkmark How quickly do you know the diagnosis of injured employees to follow up?
checkmark Does the provider practice evidence-based medicine?
checkmark Is the provider a member of the American College of Occupational and
Environmental Medicine?
checkmark What does the Return-to-Work communication between provider, employer,
employee and insurance company look like?
checkmark What percentage of employees does the provider return to work within three days