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Know your exposure to Workers’ Compensation claims from different states

Since Workers’ Compensation is regulated primarily by individual states, there is no one single set of rules governing multi-state exposures. As can be seen from the case study in this eBulletin, Consolidation of multi-state payrolls saves company $283,000 and lowers Experience Mod, there can be substantial savings when the exposure is properly managed. On the other hand, when not properly managed, exposures in other states can result in unpleasant surprises or hidden overcharges.

Here are some issues to consider:
• Do you have operations in multiple states?
• Do you employ residents from other states?
• Do you have employees who travel to other states?
• Do you have employees who work in other states?
• Do you perform work in other states?
• Do you use independent contractors or subcontractors from other states?
Keeping current with the various laws governing multi-state exposure can be a challenge. Be sure to assess your exposure and discuss with your advisor.