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Healthier employees mean healthier profits “Fit and Happy Workplace" brings wellness coaches to the workplace

Everywhere we look today there are reports on the dismal state of fitness and wellness in the United States. During the past decade, there have been numerous approaches to wellness programs to improve our health and control health insurance costs. Yet double digit increases in health insurance premiums and the vicious spiral of changing health insurance carriers, downgrading benefits, and increasing employee as well as employer costs persists.

Why have the traditional wellness programs failed? Many are passive, remote and indirect and have too much reliance on self-direction. Although intentions are good, people do not remain committed. Traditional wellness programs simply do not generate enough employee participation to make a meaningful difference. In addition, the programs are not workplace-based, nor timely or flexible. They often are neither tailored to individual needs nor responsive to changing personal needs and goals.

Recognizing the importance of healthy employees in the long-term control of Workers' Comp costs, we have partnered with Wellness Coaches USA, to bring a powerful wellness model to the workplace. “Fit and Happy Workplace” deploys wellness coaches directly to the workplace to personally engage employees in a continuous process of improvement in lifestyle behaviors and personal health.

The process begins with building trust and rapport, educating and motivating, while conducting health risk appraisals and providing biometric testing (blood pressure, body composition, etc.). Then when employees are ready to participate, the Health Risk Coaching process provides systematic interaction with employees, in all work groups and locations for a fixed number of hours per week or month in an agreed upon schedule.

The comprehensive program includes nutrition management, weight control, fitness and exercise, smoking cessation, stress management, ergonomics, strength and conditioning, and pain symptom management. With the program, you will:
• improve employee morale
• create a culture of wellness
• increase productivity
• control employee benefit costs
• reduce employee absenteeism
• reduce WorkComp costs