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Web-based training for supervisors

“People often end up sitting at home collecting benefits because their employers have made the discretionary business decision not to take advantage of their available work capacity.”
- Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH President, Webility Corporation

For supervisors, a difficult aspect of their job is knowing what to do when injury or illness prevents an employee from doing their regular job. The employee’s injury disrupts the production schedule, puts pressure on fellow employees and places additional stress on the supervisor.

It’s not surprising that a supervisor’s first thought is to get a replacement. Yet, there are more effective and cost-saving solutions. This web-based training program is designed for line supervisors as well as Workers’ Compensation and disability benefits staff. It is online, self-paced and interactive. Available 24/7, it takes one to two hours to complete and can be done in more than one sitting, if desired. It is provided in conjunction with Webility Corporation.

Keeping supervisors focused on the value of managing Workers’ Compensation and preventing injuries is key to controlling your costs.

The course focuses on:
• how to respond when an employee becomes sick or injured and then effectively manage the situation
• how to keep your people safe and productive at work while saving the company money
• how to be a better communicator with members of your team
• how to build the team spirit that is required for high performance
• how to deal effectively with difficult situations relating to attendance and performance
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