7 Secrets that Cost Your Client a Bundle on their Workers' Comp

Jordan Mann, CWCA, MWCA

8 months, 23 days ago

Jordan graduated with a BA in English Language and Literature from Christendom College in 2014. While in school, he was a peer tutor in the writing center, a contributor to the college newspaper (would you believe he wrote a column on the complexities of workers’ comp?) and dominated in intramural sports.
On top of that busy schedule, he also worked in sales at a local insurance agency, for an insurance company in underwriting support AND as a marketing assistant in a law firm. After turning down multiple offers to play intramural sports professionally, he joined independent agency Coverage, Inc. The start was bumpy. Selling insurance “the old fashion way” wasn’t working for him.
Jordan attended a Keystone Insurers Group Sales Summit presented by the Institute in 2015. There he discovered the one true path to workers’ comp success which led to the creation of SmartComp MidAtlantic, Coverage, Inc’s workers’ comp brand.
From 2017 to 2019, Jordan produced $252,129 in revenue and shrunk employers’ costs by over $1,000,000. This happened because he created a focused middle market department at Coverage, Inc to target employers using the SmartComp MidAtlantic and Institute process.
He authored multiple articles and became an established expert in his market area. Joining the Institute allows Jordan to combine his love for helping others, his passion for workers’ compensation and blue jeans and sweatshirts.