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What employees really care about

There is much evidence to support that the nature of company loyalty has changed for good. According to our strategic partner, HR That Works, employers must acknowledge that today's loyalty is not to a company, but to projects, career, and work relationships.

"When it comes down to it, this is what most employees care about:

Recent Career Builders survey: Bosses need to improve communication

Workers who think their boss is a lot like Jacob from the TV show "Lost"—they're never really sure where he is, what he wants and what he has in store for them—are not alone, according to a Career Builder survey conducted in May and June.

Asked which TV show boss most resembles their own supervisor, the top names that surfaced from an online survey of 4,498 full-time U.S. workers are:

Bosses received a mixed report card: 72% of workers said their supervisor did a good job offering flexible work arrangements, 69% said their bosses listened to their ideas and concerns, and 68% said their bosses provided them with the resources they need to perform their jobs effectively. Conversely, 61% said their boss does a poor job grooming them for advancement, 45% said their boss does a poor job providing regular and consistent feedback, and 34% think that they could get better backup from their bosses.