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OSHA regulatory agenda released

A final rule on silica could come as early as February, according to the fall regulatory agenda, which outlines the projected dates (often missed) and steps for all regulatory actions.

Other final rules expected in early 2016:

DOL & DOJ agreement gives bite to criminal prosecution of employers

A recent agreement between the Departments of Labor and Justice will launch a "new world of worker safety" by holding managers and supervisors criminally accountable for violations of the law, agency officials announced Dec. 17. The two departments signed a memorandum of understanding that pools their resources toward the prosecution of individuals who willfully disregard labor and environmental statutes. This cooperation could lead to hefty fines and prison terms for employers and individuals convicted of violating a number of related laws. For example, a Jenkintown, Pa.-based roofing contractor, James J. McCullagh Roofing, Inc. recently pleaded guilty to violating an OSHA law, lying to inspectors and attempting to cover up his crime and could be sentenced up to 25 years in prison.

New bulletin on carbon monoxide explosion hazards in electric arc furnaces

A new bulletin provides information on how to protect workers from carbon monoxide explosion hazards related to electric arc furnaces in the steelmaking industry.

Workers' comp insurers named in employer safety citations

Press releases aimed at publicly shaming employers with safety citations and fines above $40,000 have recently included names of the cited employers' workers' compensation insurers - a new practice according to observers.

Tools to help prevent workplace violence in healthcare settings

A new webpage provides employers and workers with strategies and tools for preventing workplace violence in healthcare settings. It includes real-life examples from healthcare organizations that have incorporated successful workplace violence prevention programs, and models of how a workplace violence prevention program can complement and enhance an organization's strategies for compliance and a culture of safety.

Appropriations deal freezes funding and delays enforcement of a new interpretation for a Process Safety Management Standard

The appropriations deal level funded OSHA and contains a provision delaying enforcement of a new interpretation for the Process Safety Management Standard that would have limited an exemption for retail establishments selling small quantities of hazardous chemicals. The provision bars funding for enforcing the interpretation until a formal rule is adopted.

"It's the Law!" poster now available in 10 languages

The free Job Safety and Health: It's the Law! poster is now available online in French, Arabic and Vietnamese. This is in addition to the versions that were already available in English, Chinese, Korean, Nepali, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.

Cal/OSHA updates construction pocket safety guide to promote safety and compliance in the industry

The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and Cal/OSHA have updated the free "Pocket Guide for the Construction Industry." This frequently requested publication allows workers, employers and supervisors to quickly reference key safety requirements.

New MIOSHA injury and illness reporting requirements in effect

Effective January 1, employers in the state of Michigan are now required to report any work-related amputation, loss of an eye, or in-patient hospitalization of any employee to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) within 24 hours of the incident.

On September 1, 2015, MIOSHA implemented the new injury-reporting requirement, similar to the requirements of federal OSHA that became effective January 1, 2015. However, enforcement could not occur until the previous requirement was removed from the MIOSH Act, which occurred with the recent enactment of Public Act 199 of 2015.

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