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OSHA's top ten most cited violations

While year after year, OSHA's top ten most frequently cited standards remain relatively unchanged, they do provide a guide for employers.

Here is the top ten for FY2014:

  1. Fall Protection - 7,516 violations - Top sections cited are 1926.501(b)(13) residential construction, 1926.501(b)(1) unprotected sides and edges, 1926.501(b)(10) roofing work on low-slope roofs, 1926.501(b)(11) steep roofs, 1926.501(b)(4)(i) protection from falling through holes
  2. Hazard Communication - 6,148 violations - top sections cited are 1910.1200(h)(1) employee information and training, 1910.1200(e)(1) developing, implementing and maintaining a written hazard communication plan, 1910.1200(g)(1) developing and maintaining Safety Data Sheets, 1910.1200(f)(1) labels on shipped containers, and 1910.1200(j)(1) Employee training on new label elements and Safety Data sheets format by Dec. 1, 2013
  3. Scaffolding - 4,968 violations - top sections cited are 1926.451(g) fall protection, 1926.451(b)(1) platform to be fully planked or decked between front uprights and guardrail support, 1926.451(e), access requirements, 1926.451(c) criteria for supported scaffolds, 1926.451(f)(1) use of scaffolds and components not to exceed capacities
  4. Respiratory Protection - 3,843 violations - top sections cited are 1910.134(c)(1) establishing and implementing a written respiratory program, 1910.134(e)(1) medical evaluation general requirements, 1910.134(f) fit testing, 1910.134(k) training and information, 1910.134(d) selection of respirators
  5. Powered Industrial Trucks - 3,147 violations - top sections cited are 1910.178(l)(1)(i) ensuring competency of operators, 1910.178(q)(1) removing unsafe trucks from service, 1910.178(p)(1) removing trucks from service until repaired, 1910.178(a) general requirements, 1910.178(m)(1) trucks shall not be driven up to anyone standing in front of a bench or other fixed object
  6. Lockout-Tagout - 3,117 violations - top sections cited are 1910.147(c)(1) establishing and training employees on energy control procedures, 1910.147(d) application of control, 1910.147(f)(1) testing or positioning of machines, equipment or components, 1910.147(e)(1) inspecting work area to ensure machine or equipment components are operationally intact, 1910.147(a) scope, application and purpose for hazardous energy control
  7. Ladders - 2,967 violations - Top sections cited are 1926.1053(b)(1) side rails must extend three feet above an upper landing surface, 1926.1053(b)(4) restricted to only the purpose for which ladders are designed, 1926.1053(b)(13) top of stepladder should not be used as a step, 1926.1053(b)(16) withdraw defective ladders from service with a "Do not use" tag, 1926.1053(b)(6) use only on a stable and level surface
  8. Electrical (Wiring) - 2,907 violations - top sections cited are 1910.305(g)(1)(i) flexible cords and cables shall be approved for condition of use and location, 1910.305(b)(1)(i) conductors entering boxes, cabinets, or fittings, 1910.305(a)(1)(i) metal raceways, cable trays, cable armor, cable sheath, enclosures, frames, fittings, and other metal noncurrent-carrying parts that are to serve as grounding conductors, with or without the use of supplementary equipment grounding conductors, shall be effectively bonded, 1910.305(j)(1)(i) lighting fixtures, lamp holders, lamps, and receptacles may have no live parts normally exposed to employee contact, 1910.305(e)(1) cabinets, cutout boxes, fittings, boxes, and panel board enclosures shall be installed to prevent moisture or water accumulation
  9. Machine Guarding - 2,520 violations - top sections cited 1910.212(a)(1) types of guarding, 1910.212(a)(3)(ii) guarding of points of operation, 1910.212(b) anchoring fixed machinery, 1910.22(a)(2) general machine guarding requirements, 1910.22(a)(5) exposed blade guarding requirements
  10. Electrical - 2,427 violations - top sections cited are 1910.303(b)(1) examination of electrical equipment, 1910.303(g)(1) space about electrical equipment, 1910.303(f) disconnecting means and circuits, 1910.303(e)(1) identification of manufacturer and ratings, 1910.303(c)(1)(i) devices such as pressure terminal or pressure splicing connectors and soldering lugs shall be identified for the material of the conductor and shall be properly installed and used

Top willful violations

OSHA defines a willful violation as one that the employer knowingly commits or commits with plain indifference to the law and carries among the highest fines and the possibility of a criminal conviction. The top 10 willful violations for FY 2014 are:

  1. Fall protection - 116 violations
  2. Lockout/Tagout - 55
  3. Asbestos - 36
  4. Machine guarding - 34
  5. Lead - 32
  6. Walking-working surfaces - 30
  7. Excavations - 28
  8. Scaffolding -19
  9. General duty clause - 13
  10. Process safety management - 12