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HR Tip: Career Builder survey reveals five tips for recruiters

Competition for skilled, competent employees continues to heat up. Nearly two in five employers have jobs that stay open four months or longer because they can not find people with appropriate skills. Here are some tips from a July 2013 Career Builder survey:

Be mobile: Mobile job search is growing at an accelerated rate, and employers who aren't mobile-optimized are missing out on key talent they need to find quickly.

Reputation makes a difference: When job seekers were asked if they would consider five percent less than their lowest acceptable salary, a significant number said they would depending on the company's image and applicant experience.

An employment brand is a must-have: While not a new concept, what is alarming is only 38 percent of employers believe their company has a very clearly defined employment brand. This can adversely impact job seeker perceptions and ultimately application rates.

Unresponsiveness can have a ripple effect: An earlier CareerBuilder study shows that job seekers who don't hear back after applying to an employer are more likely to stop buying products or services from the company. How much are employers at risk?

Flexibility is the new norm: Job seekers are placing a heavier emphasis on a company's ability to provide a good work/life balance when they are considering a job offer.