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HR Tip: Analysis of EEOC litigation reveals focus on disability, Charlotte and Philadelphia areas

According to a recent article in Business Insurance, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) list of national priorities, while important, should not be relied upon as a firm indicator of where the agency focuses its litigation. Based on an analysis of the cases filed by the agency in fiscal year 2013 by law firm Seyfarth Shaw L.L.P., the highest percentage - 36%, or 48 of the total - is disability-related. And disability is not one of the six national enforcement priorities in its strategic enforcement plan.

The analysis also shows that 45% of the national litigation in 2013 was filed in the Charlotte, Chicago and Philadelphia districts alone. "Although Chicago has traditionally shown aggressive filings, Philadelphia and Charlotte have not, and emerge on the stage as districts to watch in the coming fiscal year," according to the report.

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