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FMCSA warns carriers about "aggressive" marketing to sell training

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently issued an alert warning motor carriers about certain companies using "aggressive" marketing techniques to sell supervisor training for the agency's drug and alcohol testing requirements.

Supervisors of commercial driver's licensed employees are required to take 60 minutes of training on symptoms of alcohol abuse and controlled substance use.

FMCSA warned carriers that the agency does not certify trainers or training companies, and does not pre-approve curriculum. It is up to individual employers to ensure the training they purchase meets the appropriate guidelines.

Reed Group launches Leave of Absence Advisor

To help organizations cope with the growing complexity of leave laws, Reed Group today announced the launch of Leave of Absence Advisor a searchable online reference tool that provides accurate and complete information on FMLA, state FML and other leave laws.

Eating at your desk could lead to foodborne illness

Workers who eat at their desk may be exposed to harmful bacteria, putting them at risk for foodborne illness, the American Dietetic Association warned.

According to an ADA survey, 83% of Americans regularly eat at their desks. However, only 36% of survey respondents said they clean their work areas, desktop, mouse and keyboard on a weekly basis; 64% said they do so on a monthly basis or less.

A 2007 study from the University of Arizona found that desktops have 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen table and 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. To prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria, ADA recommends workers: