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Disability Claims stats may surprise

2010 data released by Unum, the largest disability insurance company, showed that although cancer has been the leading cause of long-term disability, return-to-work rates have improved as treatment becomes more effective. Comparing 2001 vs. 2010 Unum found that the percentage of those who returned to work rose:

Moreover, return-to-work rates for people on short-term disability because of breast cancer more than doubled, rising from 28.8% to more than 60%.

The report notes that “Most people who have been diagnosed with cancer are very motivated to get back to work, it helps to create a sense of normalcy and control at a time when people often feel understandably overwhelmed.”

Other Top Disability Claims

Other leading causes of long-term disability claims for Unum in 2010 were:

Leading causes of short-term disability in 2010 were:

The young are not immune to disability claims. According to the 2010 MetLife disability data: