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April 2017

Hello Kevin and Pres,

It’s past time to let you know how we’ve benefited from our Institute membership.

You’ve helped us distinguish our agency from others against whom we compete. You continually give us a fresh approach
on marketing and selling WorkComp. When we have an individual problem with a prospect/client, you are just a phone call away
for the answer. The update? Because of your help and urging, we’re presenting our first seminar to a National Association’s
Regional Educational meeting. We know there will be more presentations like this.

Additional thanks for suggesting topics for our seminar, for providing sample ideas, plus Power Point slides.

With appreciation,


Andrew Dearing - Hunt Miller - GA April 3, 2017

If you are a producer that is looking and wanting to separate yourself from the competition, to avoid being looked at as a commodity and to take yourself to the next level then the Institute and the CWCA process is what you need to be doing!

Bob Huxta, Reed, Wertz & Roadman March 15, 2017

I really enjoyed the time with Preston and Kevin. It’s important to take time and learn new skills or refresh the current ones we have. Pres gives a great perspective on the philosophy of why we can do more for our clients.

John Campomizzi, The Seltzer Group March 8, 2017

Hey Guys,
Being a member of IWCP has been by far, the most impactful insurance group I have ever belonged to.
And, this is from someone with 34 years of experience in professional insurance
IWCP provides us with a roadmap and process to move from the traditional quote and hope agency, to an agency of choice. Each WorkComp client feels they receive meaningful ways, beyond price and coverage, to obtain results they can measure, understand and know they are on the way to their lowest legal minimum WorkComp cost.
Add the network of IWCP “friends” who chip in anytime we want to pick their brains about WorkComp positioning and other market and marketing situations, keeps reinforcing our decision to run with IWCP.
The Institute is a game changer. It’s that simple. You call yourself, “Your Workers’ Comp Help Desk.”
This is definitely not overstated.
I love you guys. Even when my brain isn’t working, which is often the case, yours always are. Jordan and I learn a lot, each time with you. Visiting HQ in Asheville for the day topped it off. Can’t wait to come back. You are the best”

John Mann, Smart Comp Mid Atlantic March 8, 2017

Since signing up with the IWCP and earning the CWCA, I’ve been able to provide more value to my current book of business, as well as knock out the competition on new accounts.

When you become a CWCA, you separate yourself from other brokers. The skills and support you gain help you become more than a broker – you become an essential part of your customer’s business and risk management initiatives. No one else out there is supporting a worker’s compensation program like a CWCA.

The accounts that I am introducing the process to have been neglected by the incumbent. In 5 minutes, I can teach them more about workers’ compensation than their incumbent has in 5 years.

In the last month, I have had more workers’ compensation conversations with business owners than I can count. I’ve even expanded operations outside my state of California. This is due to the confidence and experience gained through the CWCA process.

I even got a bind request during my kick off call with Preston!


Ryan Wakely, CMIS March 8, 2017


Your ability to help me with my clients audit and helping us suggest a more appropriate code to the carrier was nothing short of “priceless”. In my clients on words, “I don’t make $15,000 a day. You just help me do that”

Since attending the Institute of WorkComp Professionals in fall 2016, I have dramatically increased my commercial production, opened opportunities that were once unapproachable and now lead the office in production for the very first time.

I often referred to insurance as a non-tangible product but the Institute has given me something tangible to sell and give to my clients. Your process of helping our clients “manage their MODs” is a huge door opener and from what I can see so far, opportunities are endless. I can’t thank you enough for your help, the Institute and the enthusiasm you have restored in me for our industry.

If there is anyone hesitant about signing up with the Institute, please do not hesitate to send them my way.
Look forward to discussing another client’s needs soon.

Pat Olmert Watkins Insurance March 8, 2017

The quality of the information from IWCP, along with the individual support from the team members, are beyond my expectations.

Most importantly, to have the sales theme present in all areas of the program makes the membership my best career investment in a long time. Thank you!

Gary Duckworth December 14, 2016

You asked me to let you know the outcome of this audit dispute I had been working on (window washing above ground level vs window washing on ground level). After additional back and forth with the carrier we were successfully able to overturn the dispute and get the carrier to agree that the insured was incorrectly classified in the window washing above ground level class code. They were originally asked to pay $37k. We only had to pay the undisputed portion of $15k, and the disputed portion was cancelled. We saved the insured $22k! They called me this morning and were ECSTATIC!

Man it feels good to be an institute member.

Jay Roberts JJ Wade & Associates October 13, 2016

If you want to create a WOW factor with prospective clients that differentiates you from your competition then IWCP is the avenue for you!

Joey Gilkey William Blount & Assoc. September 16, 2016

I’m a technical guy, love the chance to get into the weeds and analyze rules and case studies. You guys rock!

Mike Piechnik Pelnik Insurance September 16, 2016

The Institute of WorkComp Professionals has been a exceptional resource to our agency. Operating in the monopolistic state of Ohio, our partnership with The Institute has helped differentiate ourselves from our competitors and improve the results for current clients with out-of-state operations. The expertise that Kevin and Preston provide and their willingness to help us win new business is unmatched.

Pat O'Neill The O'Neill Group OH September 6, 2016

Hi Pres,

Wanted to let you know that Kevin and you are a huge asset to our agency.

You save us an enormous amount of time and allow us to be viewed as experts in workers compensation when dealing with our clients.

Your team is responsive, professional, extremely accurate and play a key role on our team.

Thanks much for all

Robert Matthews Starr Matthews GA September 6, 2016

I’ve attended one Certified WorkComp Advisor Institute and 2 Master WorkComp Advisor Institutes.

I can truly say that the Institute has turned Workers Comp upside down in so many ways.

I now know the right rules to use at the right time to get the order.

I can now take the technical steps of our copyrighted process, translate them to everyday language, and draw mind pictures in buyer’s minds that jumps me ahead my competitors.

I also have multiple point of sale materials to use to buy a piece of my potential client’s minds. This includes proprietary copyright tools with visuals that etch Compology into employers minds.

This is my sales difference. Since 2008, the Institute training has been worth more than $1,200,000 new revenue to me personally, plus recovering more than $1,000,000 premium for employers.

Each time I attend, and I will continue to attend, I walk out the door with a deeper understanding of this complex coverage and more understanding how to translate the gobbledegook into “plainspeak” to get the account.

The Institute has cracked the code on Workers’ Comp education. You just don’t present a seminar and then say “thanks for coming”

You provide easy to understand high-level education, offer continuous training plus technical and sales help…and all at a minute’s notice, when I need it.

Bottom line: I’ve discovered, recovered and returned over $1,000,000 of Work Comp overcharges. Your training has led employers and me straight to the bank. I am actually marketing this process as a “Millennium Employers Stimulus Package” in the exploding WorkComp marketplace.

Jim Kerin Millennium Alliance June 25, 2014


Wanted to thank you for how you’ve revolutionized the way I do business. The other day, I even got a high-five from the risk manager of a nationally recognizable employer.

When I share my story, I get my buyer’s full attention. Your ideas are simple, jaw popping, and eye opening.

2010 has been an extremely successful year. 2011 may just break all my sales records.

Thanks again for all your help,

Sam Martin, ARM, CWCA Senior Vice President/ Member, Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, LLC June 25, 2014

I wanted to let you know that we picked up a major mechanical contractor, whose renewal premiums through the incumbent agent would have exceeded $1,100,000! Based on our analysis, and their enthusiastic response to our “conceptual” proposal, we determined that they were an excellent candidate for “self funding” their Workers’ Compensation exposure, which served to reduce their renewal premiums to less than half those being quoted by the incumbent agent! Using the tips and strategies we learned at the Institute, especially those related to:

* the critical importance of “return to work”
* a detailed strategy for a “return to work” coordinator
* the value of detailed job descriptions, which include specific physical requirements, for each type of work their employees perform
* “pre-employment” physicals and “post-injury” treatment by the same “occupational medicine” doctors (based on the job description’s physical requirements)
* a huge dose of “accountability”, including the ability to earn (or fail to earn) some very lucrative bonuses for safe results, throughout their project managers and superintendents

along with numerous other concepts we learned, tools we found on the web-site and continual support from you, Kevin and your staff, have made a huge difference for our fine, new client (and for us as well)!

Thanks for the training, but most of all for being there when we needed help, regardless of whether it was technical, marketing, sales, or just being a good “sounding board” to “think through” ideas. You all made the difference, and we are excited about leveraging all of these “tools” to write even more large accounts in 2013!

Gary Liles - CIC, CRM, CWCA Webb, Young, Webb, Liles & Tolentino June 25, 2014


In the past 12 months, I’ve attended the Masters Institute and 2 Symposiums, as well as speaking with you on our regular calls.

Putting it all together, you’ve helped me generate business with your creative marketing, seemingly pulling ideas out of the proverbial hat. You’ve helped with positioning me as a revenue generator for my clients. You’ve guided me to stay focused and helped when I needed to chat about an account.

Simply put: you’ve helped me accelerate my sales, change the way I do business, and solidify a career in insurance that’s fun and rewarding.

Thanks for it all…I appreciate beyond words what you’ve done for me!!!

I’m already working on making 2014 my best year ever,

Justin Black CWCA, MWCA Cartier Agency, MN June 25, 2014

Attending the Institute and receiving the Certified WorkComp Advisor Designation and Master WorkComp Advisor Designation helped me go from analog to hi-definition in WorkComp.

I’ve been able to open doors of large WorkComp accounts I never would have gotten into before.

Truly Pres, the Institute is the catalyst of my career…the ideas, comp technical skill, and your

creativity has instilled more confidence as a WorkComp producer than anything else.

I would not be where I am without what the IWCP has given me.

Matt Mallory CWCA, MWCA Mallory Agency June 25, 2014


As you know I am not a new producer. I had my way of doing business. But something clicked during Kevin’s and your visit. You opened my mind about using WorkComp, not only as my lead in, but as a solid way to prove my value, along with our agency value.

We’ve worked together almost two years. Almost every week since the time you were in. You have seen me change how I do business.

I’m now out of quoting. I compete on an entirely new level. This is truly fun, this insurance thing.

Your approach is simple, practical, and while at times, seems radical. It pushes me, though, to think differently. This means I can capture employer attention now. Employers probably dazed over when I talked insurance.

Boiling it down: As you say “insurance does not sell insurance.” Insurance words do not sell insurance. Conversations do. You’ve put it all together for me to dramatically increase my sales. This year is my best ever after 14 years in business. I expect to double my business in the next 3. I want you to stay on this ride with me.

Wanted to let you know I picked up an account I’ve been calling on for 8 years and never got to first base… not one appointment.

After working with you, I called again and WOW. This time I got an appointment using the words you and I talked about.

When I visited the potential client, he continued to talk about his business for over an hour. I learned a ton about his wants, his needs, and how to work best with him.

As you say, “insurance does not sell insurance.”

Thanks much,

Steve Tade Winter-Dent & Co June 25, 2014


I was blown away when I heard Kevin in Orlando at the Birthday Bash on the experience mod. He really knocked me over. He said the right thing at the right time, added humor, and really kept everyone’s interest. He knows Mods.

I was a little worried a few years ago if the Institute would be able to maintain the same technical skills with the same level of charisma as before .After Orlando, I have no doubts. Kevin was really impressive and the program was great.

Anyone who wants to jump ahead and stay ahead of their competition for Workers’ Comp should take the Certified WorkComp Advisor course…especially with the changes coming in Workers Comp.

Pat Kee Mountain State Insurance Agency June 25, 2014


We thank you so much for your and Kevin’s assistance last week. Finding the rule on reporting denied claims has allowed us to drop our customer’s mod 15%. This decrease saves $15,000 in premium; as well as their ability to compete for contracts.

Jennifer Drake Mountain State Insurance Agency, Inc. June 25, 2014


The help from Kevin moved the mod 15 points as opposed to 15%. The insurance company made the correction with very little “encouragement”.

Our agency CFO……who is very conservative with $$ said she heard the training was very valuable.

While I acknowledge most agencies don’t have the resources or inclination to spend on development that MSIA does……or the convenience of taking an agency airplane for the day……I do believe many could benefit from a session like that.

We need Kevin to follow up on working through two of the mods with us so that we can complete the task of advising our clients.

Ross Johnson Mountain State Insurance June 25, 2014


This is a simple note to let you know that you have had more impact on my career than anyone. Period. You can quote that.

Sam Martin Lipscomb & Pitts June 25, 2014

Dear Pres,

The Institute is a perfect complement to my Beyond Insurance Series of Workshops, Purple Cow and Changing the Game.

In fact, the Institute is a Purple Cow in the world of insurance.

The Institute delivers practical lessons and strategies in Workers’ Comp that cement current client relationships and help get new clients.

It takes agents out of the quoting game and puts them in the Workers’ Comp consulting arena.

You’ve created an excellent partner in keeping Certified Advisors current with Workers’ Comp marketing, sales, and technical help,

Keep it up

Scott Addis CPCU, CWCA Beyond Insurance Global Network June 25, 2014

Just wrote a $320,000 premium account …$16,000 in commission and $9,000 in fees.

Not bad for selling it over the phone 🙂 Now I’s working with them implementing the strategies.


Randy Boss MI June 25, 2014


I’m fairly well versed in Workers Comp…at least I thought I was. WOW. You’ve taken me to a whole new level.


Keith Riley KY June 25, 2014

Hi Pres,

Here’s a great story…

The insured had one of those audit companies come in and got back a little over $4,000 from their current insurance company and several more thousands from the prior carrier. The audit company, of course, took 50% for their work.

My partner, John Duncan, sat down with the prospect to prep them for their new audit. While John was going through the packet we provided them, the prospect was shocked that the “so called expert” audit company missed several items.

Bottom line: John’s efforts resulted in the insured getting back several more thousands. We’re now the experts in the our new client’s eyes now.

Dave Leng Duncan Insurance, PA June 25, 2014

Hey Pres,

I just closed a $130,000 premium account, start to finish in 33 days from the time I had my first appointment to the time I picked up the check.

I also have a good chance at picking up the benefits in the next 90 days. I was able to throw the other agent under the bus using the Institue’s process and coaching.

It’s just fun.

Randy Boss Ottawa Kent Insurance, MI June 25, 2014

Your team consistently earns the support. I am truly appreciative that you keep raising the bar and allow us the absorb and reap the benefits.

Think of me as all sponge!

Yours to count on.

Doug Esposito CWCA Broker - Owen Dunn Insurance Services June 25, 2014


Have anyone, anytime call me. (As long as they’re not in Western North Carolina)

I’ll tell them to change, heck, even cancel, appointments, to get to one of your Institutes.

It’s such an advantage for me and such a great service for an employer, I’m amazed everyone you talk to doesn’t attend.

Keep up the continuing stream of powerful knowledge that keeps me ahead of all my competitors.

You’ve made me a WorkComp believer,

Tony Newsome HVWM, NC June 25, 2014

“Like all other agencies, we spent money on all the usual “gimmicks” – but nothing really worked. Now we have the real thing.

The Institute has revolutionized our business. For the first time in year, I love going to work.

We’ve stopped playing the quoting game. Prospects want to see us.

We’re true consultants now, charging fees for what we do and earning real respect. It’s great.

Bob Seltzer Orwigsburg. PA June 25, 2014


Check this out.

Just landed one of the largest mechanical contractors in the state of Minnesota. Took two years of working through the corporate chain of command but finally got to the DMs. Three presentations, one lunch with the CFO last week, and they finally hired me.

Why? $240,000 (sprained ankle and strained back) in reserves on claims that total less then $35,000 actual incurred from spring of 2004. Ran the mod calc…with no promises, but illustrated mod change if we could change/close current open claims. CFO was furious current agent had not yet addressed the issue within their historical data. And get this…it’s one of the top (Assurex Global) agencies in the state.

Reap huge fees on loss sensitive fee programs? H___ yes! In fact…the fee on the mod adjustment for 2006 and 2007 should be in the area of $60,000. What makes it even better. A guaranteed AOR for next year’s renewal for all lines. Account revenue? $95,000.

Can I say it enough. Your process RULES!

Matthew Broderson Minnesota June 25, 2014