IWCP Symposium 2017
October 7-9, 2018
Your Marketing Fair Kicks off Symposium 2018, 4:30-6 PM Sunday. 

Walking in, your practiced eyes will quickly scan the room feasting on the 
colors and narrative of the fliers, reports, booklets, websites, and more. 

Learn how your peers in the nation's largest network of Workers' Comp specialists are getting and keeping clients!
* Refundable until September 7th, 2018 and transferable to anyone inside the agency.
"I will never miss a Symposium unless I simply cannot be there" 
Ray Gage, CWCA, Indiana

What if you could break through the noise and clutter barrier? What if your buyer WANTS to invite you in?

How would your buyer react if they knew you could meet their expectations?

How are you earning the right to your buyer's attention? Does your marketing earn you the account every time? Are prospects blown away?


Mark Kraemer
Massive Revenue - Unusual Approach

Does not quote or bid. You'll be stunned at his simple alternative words.

Fee revenue is over 50% of commission revenue.

2017 total revenue exceeded $250,000. By a lot.

He will take us through his platform step-by-step.

Mark's agency has built a WorkComp platform that engages employers and adds tremendously to his hit ratio.   Mark will dig deep into the agency's Workers' Comp platform.

Do you have the courage to put Marks agency plan into action?

Why Mark does not get hired...the learning lesson

Roundtable Discussion
Promoting Team Selling

IWCP promotes team selling. Has for years. It's disappointing how few CWCA's team sell. 

This truly is where 1+1=3. Less stress. More revenue.

Sure, team selling doesn't come free of hurdles. There will be personalities to deal with, nuances to smooth over, etc. However, the other side of this mountain is pure sunshine. Put on your hiking boots and start climbing!

Don Phin
Victims, Villains and Heros

Do you really know the person you're engaging with?

Understand them, and you're this much closer to a new client. Understand the roles that each employee plays in a company. You will walk away a winner more often. 

This interactive session will tickle your fancy, stoke the fires in your brain, and have you shaking your head in agreement.

Steve Tade
Triage for Workers' Comp and Employee Benefits

Hopefully, many of our Advisors include Nurse/MD Triage as a strategic benefit when they are in the Workers' Comp arena. 

How many of you, though, include triage as a benefit for employee benefits?

What better offering to overpower and outsmart your competitors when working with large employers? None.

David Miller
How to Partner with PEO's - In Depth

Human Resources

Risk Management

Employee Benefits


Workers' Compensation

Occupational Accident with ERISA

David Miller, CPA President of Staffing Alternatives, Inc., Canton, Texas joins us an a Round Table Leader as well as a participant in a Q & A interview. You now have an opportunity to have a PEO, kind to us agents, as a solid resource to keep and maintain clients.

Mike Muir
Become a “True Producer”

This ex-Nationwide agent is the true definition of a mover. Mike "moves" policies from insurance companies to business owners. Period. He’s skilled at moving the inside work to his Client Engagement Manager who does the rest. Mike is a new CWCA who has compiled 430 prospects. Mike’s interview will set you on the path towards getting and keeping clients.

Mastermind Round Table Discussions
Pick Your Topic!

Jump start your learning and networking at the Mastermind Round Tables.

Determine your starting subject. Create a question or two to ask your expert.

Hang in all this session or move to another table. Create questions for other subject experts.

You may move as desired.


Don Phin - Managing People-have a people problem?

David Miller - Inside the mind of a PEO President. Get the skinny on PEO's from an agent friendly PEO President

Chris Boggs

Kevin Ring - Technical Comp

Parthiv Shah - Marketing with automation/getting and keeping clients

Darin Smith - Advisor and Partner in a Captive Brokerage- Don't lose clients because you didn't offer a Captive opportunity before your competitors.

Teresa Long- Claim stories/Understanding injury management. Bring a story about a claim that bugged you. Get Teresa's input

David Leng

Many Advisors know David through his prior presentations and his 3 published books.

At Symposium 2018 David will take us step-by-step through how he, Duncan, and East Coast Risk Management ousted a 20+ year broker on a $1.4M manufacturer/distributor. David Leng’s speaking engagements and interviews with clients have given him an insider's look at how business owners really see the insurance industry and its agents.

These insights led David and Duncan to change how they approach prospects. David's goal (and your goal), is to influence future clients to start asking questions of their current agent.

Learn how to get your future clients more comfortable with you, and more importantly, less comfortable with their current agent.

Are you asking the right questions? Do you really listen to your prospective clients?

Join David at Symposium 2018 to improve your process.

Kevin Ring
Technical WC and You: A Love Story

Kevin tackles some of the most common technical questions Advisors ask, along with advanced topics and the latest from NCCI and the WCIRB.

Chris Boggs

He's back!!!

Christ Boggs, Executive Director of the BIG I Virtual University, is an amazing wealth of information. At Symposium 2018, he'll be leading a technical insurance session (topic TBD).

Kicking off the second morning, Chris and Kevin will partner for a conversation on what they see as the most pressing issues facing our industry in 2019 and beyond!

Preston Diamond
Getting and Keeping Clients

Spend 32 minutes and take away 32 ways to get in.

Teresa Long

Teresa Long, The Institute’s WorkComp Adjuster shares thoughts of 42 years working with adjusters, attorneys, employers, medical providers, and other players in the system.

What questions are employers asking? What trends are showing
up on the front lines of workers’ compensation?

Curious how employees are dealing with the economic and employment issues and how they have found ways to work around the industry’s issues? 

What are the common threads that run through both issues and what can we do to fix them?

When multiple employers consistently ask the same questions year after year, it would lead one to believe there is an opportunity waiting.  You’ll scoot home to check with your clients while you open doors wide to future clients finding out if these have been or are their current concerns also.

Come find out.


Sunday Night Blastoff! - Marketing Fair

Advisors and Institute marketing material will be plastered around the ballroom for you to wander, gaze and snap photos while you sip, nibble and take in soothing sounds that will capture your musical memories. The Marketing Fair was a Symposium staple for many years. 2017 saw its resurgence. It only works with your help. Please email with marketing, sales materials, including agency brochures, seminar invites, newsletters, letters, and more in your cache of client "getting and keeping" toolbox.

The historic Hotel Monteleone is in the heart of the French Quarter. Close to everything!

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Symposium 2018 October 7-9

Sunday: Marketing Fair! -- 4:30-6PM

Monday: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM 

Tuesday: 8 AM - 5 PM

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Saturday October 6:  $269 
Sunday - Thursday, October 7-11: $189

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