The Institute of WorkComp Professionals has three goals for its members:

  1. Write more workers’ comp business
  2. Get better results for clients
  3. Turn promises into performance to keep those clients for life

With these three goals in mind, the Institute works with middle-market, independent agencies to help them accomplish these goals. 


It all starts with agency producers earning the Certified WorkComp Advisor Designation and the agency support staff earning the Certified WorkComp Specialist Designation. 


After earning the designations, the real work begins. The Institute knows that expertise is not developed by taking a course, but rather through experience and deliberate practice. Your membership in the Institute gives you access to the Institute’s team where you receive help to develop the expertise to be the go-to workers’ comp expert in your marketing area. 


Below you’ll find the Institute’s membership guide. Focus on the “Select” tier, as that is where agencies that are new to the Institute start their journey to workers’ comp expertise.  

When you’re ready to chat, you can call 828-274-0959, or schedule an appointment to chat at or complete the form at